BBQ Recipes & Tips — October 25, 2013 at 10:59 pm

Classic BBQ Rib Rub

While we’re not quite sure whether mortgage product guidelines or rib rub recipes have more variations in the world, we do know this…Summit Mortgage is here to help you successfully navigate the loan process and this rib rub is fantastic. So fire up the grill, tempt your new neighbors taste buds and get ready for some fantastic ribs.


Rub ingredients:

2 T sea salt

2 T paprika

4 t granulated garlic

4 t chile powder

2 t ground pepper

1 t ground cumin



Simply mix the ingredients in a bowl until evenly distributed and apply to your ribs. Although there are just as many opinions out there on how to cook ribs as there are on good rubs, it’s generally recommended to start cooking with only the rub on the ribs, then add your mop/sauce later in the process. You can also check out a simple way to utilize your standard charcoal bbq to slow cook & smoke your ribs here.