Eight Items You Should Never place in the Microwave


Yes, of course, we love our microwaves for a variety of good reasons. But there are times when the magic box is not your friend and, if you’re not careful, it could burn down your kitchen. Some material and foods can cause sparks and even explosions.

Don’t put these in your microwave:

1. Styrofoam. Don’t be tempted, even for a few seconds. Styrofoam is a type of plastic that doesn’t mix well with uber-high microwave temperatures.

2. Anything with metal trim. We’ve all done it at least once. Remember that arcing sound and the sparks? Some metal items can produce a concentrated electric field and create those sparks. Think lightening storm in your oven. They can damage your microwave. And if you cover your food with aluminum foil, microwaves bounce off of the foil and won’t warm your food.

3. Eggs in their shells. Boom!

4. Chili peppers. They can catch fire, and when you open the microwave, the heat can cause the peppers to release chemicals that can burn your eyes.

5. Some plastics. Some plastic items leach BPA and phthalates into foods when microwaved. Those yogurt, butter and sour cream containers you save are not designed to be safe for the microwave. Look for labels that say the container is microwave safe.

6. Paper bags. Paper bags can release toxins that could potentially catch fire.

7. Vintage china. If it’s more than 40 years old, placing china in the microwave can cause lead, which is probably in the glaze, to leach into your food. Plus, it’s a good way to ruin vintage china.

8. Nothing. That’s right. When your microwave is empty, there’s nothing to absorb the microwaves and the oven can catch fire.