Lifestyle Tips, Travel tips — March 17, 2015 at 4:41 pm

Eight Space-Saving Vacation Beauty Packing Hacks

Preparing for a vacation is one of the most exciting and stressful experiences — so much to pack, so little space.

If you’re like many women, then packing means compromising when it comes to jewelry, cosmetics and accessories. Not only do you have to make room for those items, but you also have to make sure that they don’t get ruined in transit. Relax…

By incorporating a few items, some of which you already have around the house, and some simple tricks into your packing routine, you’ll be able to bring your beauty and fashion essentials with you everywhere you go — without worries. The folks at eBags have put together these clever tips:












1. Lost your razor cover? No problem. Use a medium to large metal binder clip as a cover.

2. Pack all of the eye shadows you want. Those eye shadow compacts aren’t so compact when you’re packing a travel-size cosmetic bag. Here’s the solution: Before you leave, coat Q-Tips in your favorite shadows and, if you like, wrap each color individually in plastic wrap, and then stash them in zip-lock baggies. Coat more than one swab in your favorite colors to make sure you have enough, but you’d be surprised at how much eye shadow a few Q-Tips will hold.

3. Discover travel tubes. Use GoToobs for your shampoo, conditioner and hair gel, or any other goopy product you can’t travel without. They’re TSA approved and less bulky than those plastic bottles. You can find sets of three GoToobs at most Bed Bath and Beyond stores.

4. Never lose another stud. Have you ever invested in the perfect earrings for your resort getaway only to find them lost in the abyss of your luggage? You can easily keep track of your earrings by simply poking them through a hand towel, or wash cloth if you only have a few pairs. After you’ve attached the earrings, simply roll up the towel and place it in your cosmetics bag or suitcase. As an added tip for extra protection, check to see if the towel will fit inside a shoe you’ve packed.












5. Leave no bobby pin behind. These seem to be the easiest items on earth to lose, which is a shame since they’re also the handiest to have around. Luckily, empty Tic Tac containers look as if there were made to perfectly hold bobby pins. They easily fit in your carry-on or cosmetics bag. The easy open-and-close tab keeps those bobby pins secure until you need them.

6. Kiss exploding foundation goodbye. If you’ve ever opened your makeup bag only to find liquid foundation clinging to your lipstick and pretty much everything else, we feel your pain. Avoid this messy disaster by investing in a small contact lens case. Yes, you read that right. These contact cases hold the perfect amount of foundation. You can load both pockets with a single color, or if you mix and match, then you can carry two colors.

7. Go ahead and pack your favorite bottle of perfume. Instead of wrapping it in your spare pair of jeans, consider these colorful padded pouches by eBags.

8. Keep your necklaces from turning into a pile of metallic spaghetti. Untangling your necklace when you should be on your way to dinner is beyond frustrating. Here’s a simple solution: Cut a bendable straw and slip the chain through the opening, then close the clasp. Depending on the size of the straw, and the necklaces, you can store several chains without them getting tangled.