Kitchen Ideas — October 28, 2013 at 6:25 pm

Forbes’ 8 Trends To Avoid In Your Kitchen Remodel. We Agree & Disagree.

Recently, Forbes reported on eight trends to avoid when considering a kitchen remodel. Kitchens are personal and you should, up to a point, design them for your needs and desires, naturally. But the common notion that you don’t want to design a kitchen that’s going to look dated in a few years makes perfect sense.

Here’s what we agree and don’t agree with on the Forbes’ list. Take a look and see what you can take away from the list when it comes to your own kitchen needs and wants.

Appliance garages waste valuable counter real estate. We’re with Forbes on this one. Didn’t these go out in the 80s, along with exaggerated shoulder pads and parachute pants. And, really, who wants to hide their tangerine KitchenAid mixer?



Trash compactors stink. We agree with Forbes on this, too. You have to purchase special bags, and the bags get pretty heavy after you’ve compacted cans, some cardboard and other crushable material. Although the compactors come with a charcoal filter (that needs replacing), you’ll often notice unpleasant odors coming from the compactor. And, really, wouldn’t you rather have more storage space?



Kitchen desks are never used. Strongly disagree with Forbes. OK, we’re admitting that they’re not for everyone but we’ve seen and used desks in the kitchen –  built-in or even a white farm table converted into a desk, complete with a pull-out for a computer keyboard. If you love working in the hub of the house, you’ll appreciate a kitchen desk. Kids can use them for homework, and a kitchen mini office makes an ideal spot for handling bills, making grocery lists and other household admin chores.



Farmhouse sinks are a trend that appears to be subsiding. No way, Forbes! A single-bowl farmhouse sink in the right kitchen is not only practical but will look timeless. The Forbes piece calls for a stainless sink if you’re looking for one that will always be in style. We’ll meet them halfway with a stainless farmhouse sink. What do you think?