Indestructible Dog Toy: Lion & Elephant Tested. Dog Approved.


A dog toy even a lion a tiger and an elephant can’t destroy — much less your dog

I’ve got a couple of German shepherds who scoff at the idea of a supremely durable dog toy. There’s nothing these two can’t shred, rip or pulverize before you can say “sit and stay.”

And then Varsity ball entered their lives and turned it upside down. Billed as the world’s first guaranteed-indestructible dog toy, Varsity ball, which was founded in Georgia, is made in the USA.

It’s so tough that even the lions, tigers and an elephant at the Zoo Atlanta couldn’t get the best of this ball. Check out the video here.

“There has literally never been a tougher dog toy created anywhere in the world, ever,” says Daniel Schulof, founder Varsity Pets.

It’s not that the Varsity ball is magical or that it’s made of some secret material that can’t be damaged. The design is far more practical. It’s constructed of FDA-approved linear low density polyethylene plastic that’s ultra-durable and completely non-toxic. And the circumference is 12 inches, so, unless your dog is part crocodile, it’s impossible for it to get its mouth around the ball.

Should your dog, somehow, manage to destroy one of the balls, the company will not only refund your purchase price, but  also give you an extra 10 percent of your money back.

If you have a large, high-octane dog without an off switch, then Varsity ball can wear out that dog, leaving it panting and dragging its tongue. It’s a stellar exercise tool.

“Another thing that’s particularly cool about the Varsity Ball is it’s designed for human-free exercise. So, unlike a game of fetch or a walk, it’s a way to exercise your dog that doesn’t demand anything out of owners. Just take your dog out to a park and let him loose. He’ll drive himself crazy wrestling with it,” Schulof says.

Varsity balls are only available at Each 12-inch ball costs $39.99, and they come in orange, yellow and white. But before tossing your dog a hefty Varsity ball, keep these tips in mind.


Don’t treat Varsity ball as a chew toy. Although your dog won’t  be able to get his mouth around the ball, he might try to gnaw at its surface, resulting in some gouging. Correct your dog if he does this for too long.

Don’t leave your dog unsupervised in the yard with Varsity ball. While your dog will easily play by himself with the ball, note that it weighs over three pounds, so it easily can slam into your sliding glass doors or plow through pots of plants, sending them crashing.

Don’t let your dog play with Varsity ball around small children or elderly people. My younger German shepherd plays so hard with the ball that he’s sent it crashing against my shin. For safety’s sake, a youngster or unsteady adult should not be around a dog playing with Varsity ball.

Don’t let your dog play indoors with Varsity ball. Kiss your breakables goodbye.

Don’t get the smaller Varsity ball for your large dog. While Varsity makes a six-inch ball for toy breeds, don’t buy it for your large dog, thinking you’re getting a tough chew toy. Varsity ball is not a chew toy.