Make That Stainless Steel Stovetop Sparkle in a Snap


Doesn’t it seem as if we’ve been grousing about those spotty stainless steel appliances for ages? Yet, we’re still putting them in our kitchens. We can’t seem to get enough of the sleek beauties, but the upkeep is a never-ending chore. And the poor stove top seems to get the most wear and tear. However, there’s a simple method to clean a stainless steel stove top using three simple products that just about everyone has around the house.

Super quick and super easy. Here’s what you do: stainlessSteel_cleaning

1. Grab a roll of paper towels (less expensive towels work better than some of the plushy and linty more expensive ones), a spray bottle of Windex window cleaner and a can of lemon Pledge furniture polish.

2. Test a spot on your stove to make sure that the finish won’t be harmed by the Windex.

3. Gently wipe off any crumbs or debris because you don’t want those bits to scratch the surface.

4. Now, spritz some Windex over the surface of your stove top, let it sit for a moment if you have dried spills, then wipe along the grain to remove any grease and other debris from the stove. Make sure you’ve gotten it completely clean. Run your hand over the surface so that you don’t feel any stickiness or anything else. You don’t want the heat from the stove to cook on any soil you can’t see. Baked-on crud becomes really difficult to clean. Let it dry completely.

5. At this point, your stovetop might still look a little spotty even though it’s clean. Not to worry. That’s where the Pledge comes into play. However, not all stainless steel is the same, different polishes might work differently on various stainless steel finishes. So, if Pledge doesn’t work for you, try another oil-based polish. No matter which polish you use, a little goes a long way.

Once the stove is clean and perfectly dry – it’s really important that it’s dry, spray a small section of the stove with Pledge and use a soft paper towel or dry cotton cloth to polish it along the grain. You’ll receive instant gratification. That section you’ve rubbed will look like new. Continue until you’ve covered the whole surface of the stove. You’ll have a beautiful, spot-free stovetop in minutes.