No Crafty Wizard Needed For These DIY Halloween Costumes

Halloween in North America is the second largest commercial tradition. And, according to a survey conducted by the National Retail Foundation, about five percent of U.S. consumers start shopping for Halloween before September. As of September 1, 2014, consumers had shelled out approximately 7.4 billion dollars, with 2.8 billion dollars going for Halloween costumes — for adults, kids and, yes, pets.

For the past 11 years, princess costumes have come in first, with Batman and action heroes coming in at second and third, respectively. But, not all kids want to follow the crowd, and if your child likes to march to a slightly  different beat, you might consider these DIY costumes. Not only will your child stand out, but these easy to make costumes don’t take a lot of crafty talent, and they’ll save you a fair amount of cash. Now, that’s a treat.

DIY-halloween1Upside down trick or treater. This clever costume fools the eye in the most whimsical way, but it’s deceptively simple to make. Nothing but jeans, a shirt and plenty of safety pins. No hot glue or sewing needed. First, get a pair of pants that will fit easily over the child’s head and cut eye holes where appropriate. The child’s head will share legs space with one arm, so it has to be large enough to accommodate both. For the shirt, use one that’s large enough to fit up to the pants. You’ll probably need an adult shirt for a child, whose legs will fit into the shirt sleeves. Just pin the shirttail to the pants. For the head, you could pin a stuffed ski cap to the inside of the shirt collar, or use a rubber mask for greater effect. Place heavy gloves on the feet, and shoes on the hands. You can hang a treat bucket on the shoes.






Baby moose is so simple and you probably won’t even need to buy a thing if you already have a brown hoodie. Simply fill gloves with tissue and pin or sew them onto the hood. This adorable costume is neither cumbersome nor fussy, so there’s little chance of junior taking it apart. As a bonus, it’s easy to carry this baby moose from house to house without crushing his moose look.











Frida Kahlo, considered one of Mexico’s greatest artists, is easily distinguishable from your average senorita with her trademark unibrow and noticeable fuzz on her upper lip. The look is easy to replicate with either an eyebrow pencil or by brushing on some mascara. Pin some artificial flowers for a little floral crown. If you happen to have a Mexican peasant top and skirt around, that’s ideal but any colorful dress accompanied by a vivid scarf (to keep little Frida warm during trick or treating) will do the trick. Don’t forget some brightly colored earrings.