Product Review: Home Cleaner without Chemicals?


Throw away your toxic household cleaning products. With a trio of basic ingredients found in every home, and a dose of scientific ingenuity, Force of Nature non-chemical cleaner and disinfectant rids your house of harsh chemicals while keeping it clean and disinfected. It works by electrolyzing water, an industrial process now available at home.

“The process is elegant in its simplicity,” says Patrick Lucci, Force of Nature, science officer.

A small, measured amount of salt and vinegar are added to tap water where the solution is exposed to a small charge of electricity. The electricity splits the sodium ion from the chloride ion. Sodium is a positively charged ion and is, therefore, attracted to the negative side of the electrical charge where it bonds with a hydrogen and an oxygen ion from the water, creating an electrochemical conversion from sodium to sodium hydroxide, a non-toxic but powerful cleaner, according to Lucci.

The chloride ion is negatively charged and is, therefore, attracted to the positive side of the electrical charged where it bonds with an oxygen and hydrogen ion from the water, causing an electrochemical conversion from chloride to hypochlorous acid, a non-toxic form of chlorine that the human body creates in the blood stream to fight germs in our bodies.

Tempted to don a hazmat suit each time you tackle the litter box or diaper pail? Do you drag out the bleach after you slap raw chicken on your kitchen counter? Forget about it.

The non-toxic cleaner and deodorizer is up to 10 times more effective than bleach, and kills 99.99 percent of the bacteria and viruses that cause the flu, colds, MRSA, E. coli, Listeria and even Norovirus. It also obliterates mold and mildew.

And for those with asthma who can’t handle fumes or fragrances found in most household cleaners, you can rest assured that Force of Nature contains no added fragrances.

It’s safe to use pretty much anywhere and on any surface. Spray it on granite, stainless steel, grout, marble and even glass. And if you have kids and pets around, you’ll be glad to know that you can douse pet toys, high chairs, litter boxes and even the carpet. Oh, and if you have gym shoes that are less than, well, pristine, Force of Nature can easily freshen them in a snap.

The starter kit costs $89.99. It includes:

  • Five activator capsules, enough to make five bottles of cleaner
  • Activator base
  • Power cord
  • 12-ounce spray bottle
  • 2-ounce On-the-Go spray bottle
  • Quick-start guide with kid-friendly instructions

Each Force of Nature capsule makes one 12-ounce bottle of all-purpose cleaner, enough for your cleaning, deodorizing and disinfecting needs for about two weeks.