Storage Ideas — September 25, 2013 at 9:32 pm

Simple & Easy Storage Tips

One of the best parts about moving into a new home is that it gives you a fresh start. A chance to get rid of the typical clutter that builds up over time and begin the time in your new home relatively clutter free. It’s also the perfect opportunity to organize your storage space so that it gets used as intended from the start. Below are some of our favorite storage ideas from over the years.

For those of us not moving into a new home, take a look at some helpful strategies for organizing your current home here.


JarStorageTried and true glass jars

Grandpa knew a thing or two about handy storage. One of those methods involved attaching small or medium sized jar lids to the bottom of a table or shelf. You can either nail or superglue the lids in place. Then simply screw in the bases of the jars and you have instant storage for all those little items that always seem to end up every where. You can use this idea not only in the garage, but in craft rooms, a home office or even the kitchen!  Want to add some color?  Try wrapping the middle section of the jar with your favorite ribbon or solid color wrapping paper.

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Reuse a tissue box

I know it sounds gross right? But just the box, not the old tissues. Boxes like this make a great place to stick old grocery bags that can be re-used as waste basket liners, carrying goodies in the car or picking up after your dogs on a walk.



The wonder material!!  So many options become available with this simple backboard. In the garage, it can be used to organize everything from hand tools to bicycles. Pegboard with 1/4 holes can hold a little more weight than those with smaller holes, but still works with various size hooks.  They also make a variety of colored pegboards these days which can add even more flair to your space.


Colored Bins

While colored bins are nothing new to the world of storage, they do make a great way to not only store items, but identify what or whose stuff should be placed in them. So often I find myself staring at my matching bins trying to remember what was in each. So learn from my mistake!  Assign certain colors to individual members of the family or particular items…it makes using them a whole lot easier.


Look for storage in all the wrong places

In most homes, there are spaces that are often overlooked as storage options. For example, staircases offer excellent storage space that most often doesn’t get utilized. If the space beneath your stairs is open, consider adding some wheeled containers that can easily slide in and out of the space.  Enclosed staircases also offer valuable storage space.  Opening up the wall and adding simple shelving creates a whole new space.

cuttingBoardOne of my favorite storage ideas came from the Family Handyman magazine. For less than $5 (or less if you have some scrape material already), you can make a simple cutting board holder that easily screws into the back of a kitchen cabinet door. Using the door under the sink provides ample room for the boards without taking away space from the normal items stored under there. It’s also convenient as most people are near the sink when cutting up fruits, veggies or meats. A simple solution that gets one or two more items off your counter top making your kitchen look that much nicer.

Although the space under a bed is most often the home for orphaned socks and toys, it’s also one of the easiest areas of the home to organize. Have an old dresser? Take out the drawers and see if they’ll fit under the bed. If they do, instant storage!  Painting the face of the drawers, lining the inside with contact paper and adding some new knobs on the front will make it look like custom shelving.  Another alternative are simple low-profile plastic bins, perfect for storing gift wrapping supplies.

overhead storage

In the garage, those that are lucky enough to have tall roof lines often construct loft space for storing holiday decorations, camping gear and more. But there’s even more space to be had here.  For those of us with a 2nd story above the garage which limits space above, the space just below the garage ceiling can be just as valuable for storing extra pieces of wood, piping, or even bins. All those things that take up precious floor space in the garage can often be moved to the ceiling by using either 2×4’s or metal piping to create U shaped hanging shelves.

If your items are long enough such as a extra long folding table, you can simply hang it up by placing one side on each hanging shelf. If you have a lot of smaller items, simply place a sheet of 1/2 thick plywood between the two hanging shelves and then place the smaller items on top of the plywood. Either way, it’ll get your rarely used items up off your garage floor, but keep them within easy reach when you need them.