Home Decorating Tips — July 12, 2013 at 1:13 am

Sometimes Moving Is All You Need

Is your home’s design feeling a little static? Sometimes a little moving is all you need. When you purchase your new home, you have the perfect opportunity to switch things up so don’t waste it by automatically putting everything back together the way it was in your previous place. Try new combinations. Just because that couch table has always been behind the couch, doesn’t mean it can’t look better in a different spot in your new home. Likewise, refinancing your home is a perfect excuse to celebrate by redecorating your home without spending your newly acquired monthly savings.  So whether you’re moving your whole home or just moving some items around, there’s nothing like a little movement to break your static feeling decor.

Take a look at some great ideas for getting new looks from items you already have!


A few more budget friendly ideas for sprucing up your home’s decor.