Holiday Tips, Home Decorating Tips — November 23, 2015 at 6:24 pm

Three Whimsical DIY Holiday Wreaths

During the holidays, nothing welcomes guests to your home as warmly as a gorgeous wreath hanging on your front door. But, there’s no law that says all wreaths have to be green and round. You can put your personal stamp on your holiday wreath this year by sidestepping tradition.

Take a look at these ideas for clever DIY wreaths that you can make yourself — without incurring a fat dent in your holiday budget.

wreath 1

Frame it.

Hang a vintage picture frame painted in your holiday color scheme instead of a traditional circular wreath. Inside the frame, attach whimsical elements that reflect your personality. Consider colorful shatterproof ornaments, mittens, wooden letters representing your last name, toy car or train, a bunch of holly tied with ribbon…the possibilities are endless. And if you frame a piece of chalkboard, you can add personalized messages throughout the season.


Gumdrops Galore.

We love this easy-to-make wreath covered with glittery gumdrops. Simply buy about three pounds of gumdrops in the colors you love. You’ll need a 10-inch Styrofoam wreath form. Wrap several layers of the tape at the top of the wreath where your wire hanger will rest so that the wire doesn’t cut through the Styrofoam. Use fairly heavy duty wire. Cover the entire wreath with gumdrops, using a glue gun. Then spray the wreath lightly with a spray sealant and immediately sprinkle on the clear glitter, which will make the gumdrops glisten even more. Repeat the spray and glitter steps about three or four times. Let it dry completely, then use the wire loop to hang it on your door, and use some ribbon to hide the wire.

wreath 3

Easiest Wreath. Ever.

Seriously, even if you feel you don’t have a second to spare during the holidays, you still can have this fantastic wreath hanging from your door in almost no time at all. Simply head for your nearest big box hardware store and check out the decorative ceiling medallions, which are made of either solid urethane or molded plastic. You can easily spray paint them or apply a fancy faux finish. They come fairly plain or with elaborate Victorian motifs. And, as a bonus, prices for a 10-inch medallion start at around $10. A ribbon is all that’s needed to hang your easy breezy wreath.