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Traveling Toys for Kids

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Travel Toys

It’s important to keep your sanity during those memorable summer vacation trips. To that end, it’s imperative to keep kids busy en route, whether in a car, plane or train. But, don’t forget to unplug them once in a while.

Here’s our list of five toys that will keep them offline and engaged.


1. Forget the spinner, and challenge yourself with Zing’s Thumb Chucks. Take your dexterity for a ride with these lightweight, hand-held balls that light up as you spin them around your thumb and fingers. You’ll need practice to master Thumb Chucks, but by the end of the trip, you should be an expert. Although they’re tethered, portable Thumb Chucks are detachable, allowing you to mix and match colors. Ages 5 years and up, $9.99. Click Here to Buy


2. For the younger set, Jump’In from SmartGames, offers a clever one-person puzzle. The aim of this game is to help the bunnies jump to safety. You can use the moving foxes and even mushrooms to get the rabbits hopping back into their hidey holes. The game features 60 challenges and comes with a handy carrying case. Ages 7 years and up, $14.99. Click Here to Buy

3. For years Waldo has been keeping kids entertained, and Where’s Waldo? The Totally Essential Travel Collection is guaranteed to make the trip fly by. This version comprises seven Waldo books in one and keeps kids busy looking for items to find. Ages 5 years and up, $25.


4. The whole family can play Travel Scavenger Hunt Card Game by University Games. The participants spend miles searching for the objects in the cards. For instance, can you find a red car, a license plate with the letter “Z” or a stop sign? Loads of no-tech fun that makes time fly. Ages 7 and up, $6.23. Click Here to Buy


5. We love the old school Take N Play Anywhere checkers set that will entertain kids as well as adults on road trips. Checkers won’t get lost because they, and the board, are magnets. For ages 5 years and up, $10.