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Turning Old Into New…Or Sometimes New To Old

One of the biggest trends in home decorating today is re-purposing old materials and furniture into something new and wonderful. And why not!! It’s a lot less expensive than buying new furniture, it’s better for the environment and allows you to create a custom piece that is unique and memorable.  With an increase in popularity due to the many DIY programs on TV these days, more and more people are putting their old furniture out at the curb or up on sites like craigslist.org rather sneaking them into the dumpster behind the grocery store. (we know you’ve thought about it…)

In the articles below, you’ll find some of our favorite tips and inspirations from around the web. Of course if you have your own success stories, feel free to share them with us at www.facebook.com/summitmortgage.


Chalkboards aren’t just for school anymore

More and more parents are wising up to the benefits of chalkboard paint. Rather than working to keep the kids little creative hands away from every wall and cabinet door in the house, give them a specific space where they can write fun little notes for the rest of the family. Chalkboard paint in higher places also makes a great communications tool for busy families that always seem to be going 10 different directions. Reminders for events, dinners and things to pick up at the grocery store can add to the decor of a kitchen rather than clutter the counter with what seems like an endless supply of notepads.

Here are some great ideas for chalk board paint.


What a fun idea for a kids room dresser. This is from HGTV’s Create a Colorful Chalkboard Dresser article. They give great step-by-step instructions on how to do and what you need to get it done quickly. You can also find an expanded explanation here.








Another fun chalkboard paint idea for the kitchen from The Hill Hangout. Using a dark contrasting color to a light space can also add some interest.










Update your ever changing jar contents such as cereals and grains with this great idea from HGTV. In fact, they have a whole gallery of fun ideas for chalkboard paint…check it out!








Creative Uses For Extra Stuff

If you’re like most people, chances are there is some stuff buried in your garage, attic or basement that hasn’t seen the light of day for a really long time. Whether you’re getting ready to move to a new home or just have finally gotten it on your to-do list, eventually we have to figure out what to do with this stuff. While most of us would donate it or simply toss it, Reeves at The Weathered Door has come up with some creative ways to use old items.

Suitcase Side Table WD 4

From DIY Suitcase Side Table at The Weathered Door:

I had some different pieces lying around that I loved, but had no practical purpose. I had an old, vintage blue suitcase I had purchased for a project (not aware yet of what that project was) and while cleaning out the garage this week I re-found a project table my dad and brother had picked up for free that was left over from a yard sale. It was a mid century side table that was somewhat falling apart. One leg was off, and the top was uneven as well as separating. After a year of never getting around to fixing it, I adopted it to use for my suitcase project.

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Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something…Well, Blue.

One of our favorite ways to freshen up a home is to create new, but distressed furniture that goes with the overall color scheme of a room without the cost of buying brand new pieces. Below are a couple of our favorite articles about taking an old piece, making it new, only to distress it down to the look we want. The first one is another great creation from Reeves over at The Weathered Door.

tall antique breezy dresser WD 2

From Tall Breezy Dresser at The Weathered Door:

After using one coat of Kilz, I was able to start painting. I used the color Breezy by Sherwin Williams. It took 2 coats, with 3 in some places. After everything had dried and cured, I lightly distressed to highlight all of the details and lines of the piece, and the white primer gives the dresser a layered look.






blue_white_chestNot to be confused with chalkboard paint, chalk paint is a great solution for creating new and unique pieces with a distressed but fresh look. Chalk paint is very popular right now, with some adventurous home owners even making their own home-made variations. For some great information on how to use chalk paint to create a distressed look, check out this article from Perfectly Imperfect. Lots of great ideas and how-to advice. Another great source is Miss Mustard Seed…the creator of this beautiful dresser piece.








At Summit Mortgage, it’s an honor and a privileged to help you get into the home of your dreams. We can’t wait to see all the wonderful and creative ways you’ll discover to make it your own. Feel free to share any photos of your finished projects on our facebook page www.facebook.com/summitmortgage. We would love to see them!