Why You Should Consider a DIY Home Security System


Now that the ink has dried on your shiny new home, and you’ve filled it with precious contents, most importantly — your family — isn’t it time to consider how you’re going to keep it, and your treasures, safe? While a security system is the obvious answer, these days you have an important decision to to make. Do I install a DIY (do it yourself) system, or select a professionally installed security system? You have more options today than ever before when it comes to home security, and gone are the days when you were dependent on expensive, professional equipment that stayed with your home, even when you moved away.

If you’re leaning toward the DIY method, here are four good reasons to make the leap.

DIY Home System Pros:

You control costs – creating your home security systems helps you take control of the total system costs. While many DIY home alarms share the same key components of a professionally installed system — keypad and door, window and motion sensors — they can cost as little as $150 for a basic system. Most of the DIY systems don’t require monitoring, so you save those monthly charges that can add up to a few hundred dollars at the end of the year.

The Privacy Factor – Since you’re installing your alarm yourself, no one outside your family knows where sensors and keypads are located.

Wireless – You can easily move or upgrade the system without worrying about having to patch holes in your walls. No wires for a burglar to cut in an attempt to disable your system. And, depending on the system you select, even if your phone line is cut or the power goes out, batteries can keep your system running and contact the monitoring station using broadband internet and cellular technology

There’s an app – Today’s DIY alarm systems come with phone or tablet apps that allow you to not only control your security system, but you also can adjust the temperature and control lighting and other home electronics.